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 Your audio content published, produced, engineered, converted and distributed as a podcast


Super Sound Studios is now set up to produce, prepare,
and syndicate podcasts. Initially, fees will be
modest, $15.00 per hour of preparation, engineering,
encoding, and syndication time.
If you know anyone with audio content that would like
to have it published, produced, engineered, converted
and distributed as a podcast, someone who would like
us to produce a complete podcast program from concept
to final distribution, or anyone who would like to
commercially sponsor a podcast this would be a good
time to begin podcasting while it is experiencing
phenomenal growth.
No FCC rules apply to podcasting as it is not on the
air and largely unregulated except for copyrighted
material. Broadcast stations, however, may download
and rebroadcast the podcasts with permission of the
podcast rights owner.

Because podcasting is new to most everyone, here are
the basics:

Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the
Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed to
receive new files automatically. It became popular in
late  2004, largely for downloading audio files onto a
portable audio player or personal computer.

The word "podcasting" is a portmanteau coined in
February 2004 that combines "broadcasting" with the
name of Apple Computer's iPod audio player. However,
podcasting is not traditional "broadcasting" at a
fixed time, podcasts do not require a portable player
or Apple software, and podcasting is not an Apple

It is distinct from other types of online media
delivery because of its subscription model, which uses
the RSS 2.0 XML (or RDF XML) format to deliver an
enclosed file. It can also be downloaded directly to a
computer and then to other devices.
Podcasting enables independent producers to create
syndicated "radio shows", and gives broadcast radio
programs a new distribution method. Listeners may
subscribe to feeds using "podcatching" software (a
type of "aggregator"), which periodically checks for
and downloads new content automatically. Some
podcatching software is also able to synchronize
(copy) podcasts to portable music players. Any digital
audio player or computer with audio-playing software
can play podcasts. The same technique can deliver
video files, and by 2005 some aggregators could play
video as well as audio.

Aggregator / Podcatcher

A news aggregator is a software application, webpage
or service that collects syndicated content from
disparate sources and provides a consolidated view.
Such applications are also referred to as feed
readers, feed aggregators or simply aggregators. A
website may incorporate aggregator features by
republishing syndicated content on one or more of its
pages. Aggregator features also can be added to other
client software, including Web browsers, e-mail
clients, weblog creation programs, or media player

Aggregators substantially improve upon the time and
effort needed to regularly check websites of interest
for updates. Through subscriptions to syndicated
content feeds and the application's periodic
collection of updates, users are able to create a
unique information space that caters to their specific
needs and desires.

Where do I get an aggregator?
There are quite a few aggregators available today
depending on your platform and device of choice. We
have provided a small list below. If you can’t find
one that suits your needs, do a search and it won’t
take you long…there are a lot of them out in the wild

Doppler (Windows
iPodder (Windows,
Apple & Linux)
iPodderX (Apple only)

So how do I subscribe to one of the podcasts from the
great selection of channels?
That’s the easy part...just follow the oh-so-simple
steps below.

   1. Download and install an aggregator
   2. You "subscribe" to a channels feed by copying
and pasting the web link for the channels feed into
your aggregator (read the instructions that came with
your aggreagtor for specific info) from one of two
easy to find spots:
      a) on web sites look for the channel list and
subscribe to the feed that is indicated by the orange
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) button.
      b) On each individual channel’s home page, look
for the "RSS 2.0" button on the right hand side near
the top of the right hand side or the button that
matches your aggregator.
   3. That’s it. You’re done. It's that easy. Now
whenever you go to your computer or sync your portable
music player, you will be able to enjoy the best range
of podcasts available.

Rich Franklin

c.2005 supersoundstudios 




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